... as Victor J. Banis

Cooper's Hawk by Victor J. BanisCooper's Hawk

Kindle edition (MLS Press, June 21, 2012)

Twisted FlamesTwisted Flames

Paperback (Borgo Press, November 11, 2011)
Kindle edition (Wildside Press, February 10, 2012)

The Watercress FileThe Watercress File

Kindle edition, Borgo Press, December 2, 2011

Love in the Right LightLove in the Right Light

Kindle edition, VJB eBooks, April 19, 2011

The Knight of the HawkThe Knight of the Hawk

Kindle edition, VJB eBooks, June 1, 2011

The Pussycat ManThe Pussycat Man

Kindle edition, VJB eBooks, November 4, 2011

Drakula's BrideDrakula's Bride

Kindle edition, VJB eBooks, June 1, 2011

Midnight SpecialMidnight Special

ebook, Untreed Books

Holiday Gay C.A.M.P.Holiday Gay C.A.M.P

ebook, MLR Press, November 2011

Lorin's BackLorin's Back

ebook, MLR Press, October 2011

The Canals of MarsThe Canals of Mars

ebook, MLR Press, August 2011

I Will Always Love YouI Will Always Love You

ebook, MLR Press, August 2011

A Deadly Kind of LoveA Deadly Kind of Love

Kindle, Dreamspinner Press, June 3rd, 2011


ebook, Untreed Reads

In PassingIn Passing

ebook, MLR Press, LLC

An Apple a DayAn Apple a Day

ebook, MLR Press, LLC

Dead of NightDead of Night

ebook, MLR Press, LLC

"When I think of the work of author Victor J. Banis, mysteries, romance, and thoughtful literature come to mind. I have never associated him with horror. Until now, that is. With his novel Dead of Night, Mr. Banis proves to have just as facile a hand at horror as he does with other types of fiction. This story about a young man who is haunted by the murder of his parents is a fascinating mix of bone-chilling horror and psychological thriller.

I'm not ashamed to admit that parts of Dead of Night scared the bejeezus out of me. Mr. Banis brings his characters' fear to such believable life that the effect is infectious. More than once, I found myself regretting my decision to read this story at night. There was no putting this book down, however. Once I started it, I was glued to the pages, captivated by the drama and the fear and the suspense of it all.

Dead of Night is more than simply horror, however frightening parts of the story may be. Mr. Banis delves deeply into the psyche of his main character, who is an emotionally fragile and slightly damaged young man...As with all of Mr. Banis' fiction, it behooves the reader to slow down just a little bit as they read this book in order to fully enjoy the art of his narrative. Speed-reading might reveal the gist of the story, but the true enjoyment lies in appreciating the details: the agile turn of phrase, the unique story structure, the concise yet thorough character development."

- Reviewed by Bobby D Whitney, Book Wenches

The ImmortalsThe Immortals

Kindle Edition, MLR Press, LLC; January 15, 2011

"This is a little gem of wit and parable, a delight to read and yet deceptive in the way it hooks the reader in.

Jason comes across as self-deprecating, gently unassuming. He's nervous with the gorgeous young actor who's noticed and apparently fallen in love with him. He loves the sex, though he's disturbed by Peter's noisiness during lovemaking! The image is of a modest young man who doesn't consider where his own attractions may lie. Peter's enthusiasm for moving in together startles him, but Jason returns the love gratefully: You couldn't not love a catch, especially if you're the catcher. Jason is in no way a loser - he's amusing and honest in his own way - but the affair sometimes sits awkwardly with him.

The ending is funny, shocking, thought-provoking and delicious. I won't go into detail here to save the reader . You may guess the way things are going, but there's still plenty of pleasure in reading how it does.

I'm already a fan of the author's style. Part of his talent and skill is in maintaining a consistently high quality: stylish but never stylised. Trying to describe the effect for me? The prose is very accessible, flows beautifully and is easy to read. But that can be deceptive, when the tale underneath is something far more sophisticated and mature.

This was a charmingly witty, wicked and sexy read. I'm still thinking and smiling about it days later and will re-read it, too. I rate it an A. "

- Brief Encounter Reviews

A Man of PrincipleA Man of Principle

Kindle Edition, MLR Press, LLC; December 11, 2010

"I've mentioned before that Victor J. Banis is one of my favorite authors, both for the vivid characters he creates and for his flawless prose, and in A Man of Principle, he does not disappoint. From the first paragraph I was drawn to this nameless elderly man, and could feel his loneliness and need. With a few well-chosen brushstrokes, the author paints a complete and compelling portrait of a man with not much to look forward to - someone who is waiting for something, and who perhaps spends his time savoring his past like his single malt.

With equal skill, he creates a younger man who is running from his past, a past that he can't really run from. As the story unfolds, these two personalities bond in a unique way that is both touching and sad.

This story made me do something I seldom do: after reading the last word, I flipped back to the beginning and read it again - not for more clarity, but for the pleasure of a simple yarn told with skill and passion. Banis's gift at crafting short stories is humbling. Take away one word and there is loss, take away any sentence and the beauty is diminished. This is not a story he whipped together in a day or two. It takes talent and patience to produce this kind of quality. This is a story I can highly recommend."

- Alan Chin, Gay/Lesbian Fiction Reviews

The Final CurtainThe Final Curtain

Kindle Edition, ebook, MLR Press, LLC; October 7, 2010

The Princess of the AndesThe Princess of the Andes

Kindle Edition, Untreed Reads Publishing; June 14, 2010

The Princess of the AndesNeighbors

Kindle Edition, Untreed Reads Publishing; June 14, 2010

Tell Them Katy DidTell Them Katy Did

Kindle Edition, Untreed Reads Publishing; June 14, 2010

"A woman walks home in the early hours after sharing a few drinks at a lesbian bar. On her way, a sexy woman comes up and tells her there are five hoods following. They run and hide in a graveyard, narrowly escaping their pursuers. The woman who saved our heroine turns out to be Katy, but she disappears as quickly as she came out of nowhere. When our heroine visits another lesbian bar, trying to track down this mysterious savior, she finds an unbelievable story behind the woman.

This is a simple story, one that has been told in several different forms. The thing that makes this story immensely enjoyable is the quality of the writing. The author pulls you into the story by the third sentence, and keeps you there until the last word. A mere nine pages, but each page is packed with vivid descriptions and meaning. Every word counts. Remove one word, and the sentence is diminished. Take out one sentence, and the story's structure falls apart. This is sparse writing at its best. With the fewest words possible, the author takes you on a most enjoyable ride.

I've said it before, Victor Banis is a master of short fiction. I can highly recommend this wonderfully-told yarn."

-Reviewed by Alan Chin

Coming HomeComing Home

Kindle Edition, MLR Press, LLC; October 23, 2009

"The sixties. A time when the Sunset Strip was a gay pickup zone for hunky Marines on weekend leave who were ready to take whatever was offered, man or woman, but on the Strip it was only man meat. Mike, who narrates the story, is a gay man who lives for the weekend just waiting for the guys to show up. He lets us in as he unabashedly goes trolling for fresh meat and his choice of steak is Marine T-Bone. The Viet Nam war was looming and the sailors and soldiers knew that they could ship out at any time so they lived for the moment.

Every time I read a story by this author I’m struck by his writing skill and brilliant characterizations, and in this book that was barely 50 pages he gives the readers not just a slice of life but the whole pie. You will love Mike’s story and I think the ending will move you as it did me. Definitely recommended."

~Jesse Wave, Reviews by Jessewave

Deadly Silence The Blood of Love

Paperback, MLR Press, LLC; June 5, 2010

An ancient curse. An endless terror. A love that will never die. The Amorinii, "the Blood" - the undying sons of the loins of Amor, the ancient Roman God of Love. For desiring men, they are forever cast adrift by the Goddess of Love, Venus herself. Scorned and pursued through the centuries by those who would see them destroyed. For some men, love is a curse.

Deadly Silence Deadly Silence

Kindle edition, Paperback, MLR Press, LLC; June 5, 2010

The hospital says it was an accident. Patience Pendleton says someone is trying to murder her father - but who? Her demented twin, Prudence? Or Farley, the jilted fiancee, who thought he would be marrying money? Or Zack, the queer brother threatened with disinheritance? Or, might it be the ghosts of past evil...? #5 in the Deadly Series.

Deadly SlumberDeadly Slumber

Paperback, Kindle Edition, MLR Press, LLC; August 18, 2009

The House of the Dead: a mortuary whose directors are drop dead gorgeous and terminally horny-and one of them up to mischief. Stanley and Tom try to separate the naturally dead from the murdered dead and find themselves awash with coffins-until they come to the one Stanley's name on it.

Deadly Slumber indeed.

Deadly DreamsDeadly Dreams

Paperback, Kindle Edition, MLR Press, LLC; April 24th, 2009

Deadly WrongDeadly Wrong

Paperback, eBook, MLR Press, LLC; February 1st, 2009

The police say "involuntary manslaughter," but a tragic accident turns out instead to be murder, plain and simple. And San Francisco Homicide Inspector Stanley Korski, on leave from the force and his unrequited love for fellow detective Tom Danzel, walks right into a murderer's web of treachery. Wrong, Stanley. Deadly wrong.

"“Deadly Nightshade” by Victor J. Banis is a well-written mystery with interesting, sexy characters, clues and red herrings, and some hot sex.

The two main characters are like night and day, polar opposites; the only thing they have in common is that both are very attractive. Stanley is intelligent, possesses a razor sharp wit and is gay. Tom is masculine, brutish and straight. They are partnered to solve the murder that opens the book. Both of these men were complex and intriguing. The author did a wonderful job of making them seem real and even likeable, despite some of their choices."

~Matthew, Rainbow Reviews

Deadly NightshadeDeadly Nightshade

Paperback, eBook, MLR Press, LLC; January 3rd, 2009

"The first in a new mystery series from the legendary author of the Man From C.A.M.P. and Longhorns, Victor J. Banis. Straight cop, gay cop, and a woman who "isn't real." Tom and Stanley are on the trail of a drag queen serial killer, and along the way, they find themselves engaged in a more intimate pursuit, trying to resolve another mystery: their unexpected attraction to one another."

"...it's pretty down to earth and direct and open... I like Victor J. Banis' style. Since Deadly Nightshade is only first on a series with the same characters, you won't exactly find a happily ever after ending here, but it's really close, and I have to say that the closing scene is quite romantic."

~Elisa Rolle, Reviews and Ramblings

Angel LandAngel Land

eBook, MLR Press, LLC; January, 2009

"This is a gripping tale about 'what if'. That is, what could happen when a federal government 'allows' itself to be convinced and in turn sanctions fundamentalist dogma against minority groups, which become easy scapegoats in a time of great uncertainty.

The post-Apocalyptic American world the author has created is a perfect setting for this story and, given recent events, is likely to make for uncomfortable reading for a number of people. Although I am not from the US, I also found it terrifyingly believable."

~Kris, Reviews by Jessewave

"An avowed fundamentalist preacher gives the invocation at a presidential inauguration. A vote makes it against the law for people to marry those whom they love. Couples with good homes find it suddenly illegal to adopt or nurture foster children. These are not the elements of a fictional story, but headlines ripped from the news today.

It’s these headlines that make Victor J. Banis’s visionary novel, Angel Land, so ready for prime time. Banis peers into a literary crystal ball and sees a brave new post-apocalyptic world made all the more terrifying by the fact that these visions are not the ephemeral stuff of nightmares, but dire predictions based on present day politics, religion, and life."

~Rick R. Reed, Dark Scribe Magazine

"Victor Banis stretches his considerable talents in this daring novel. This story is a vivid, imaginative, and often humorous romp through a society turned into hell. It has extraordinary power, with images that grab hold of you and don’t let go. In the midst of this nightmare, Victor creates a heartwarming love story that is a testament to the human spirit."

~Alan Chin, Gay/Lesbian Fiction Book Reviews

Angel LandAngel Land

Paperback, Quest; September 7, 2008

"The world is no longer as we know it. The Sept virus has decimated the world’s population and despite vaccines, Armageddon has arrived. What is left has come under strict and unforgiving Fundamentalist Christian rule. Few “post fundies” are acceptable citizens.

Newly arrived Harvey Milk Walton finds himself the subject of scrutiny because of his name: The real Harvey Milk (the assassinated gay San Francisco activist) falls into the “unacceptable” category and so does Walton who battles through beatings and deprivation to find his way to the ghetto known as Angel Land. They say the real Harvey Milk, will, like a Messiah, rise and lead his people to victory.

A pioneer of the Gay Rights movement, Victor J. Banis has poured his pain into this, and that’s not say there aren’t dizzying moments of joy, humor and humanity. There’s even love and sex. Angel Land will leave you wanting to be kinder to your neighbor…and being a whole lot less trusting of anyone who is interested in selling you a single, solitary thing. I hope there’s shadows to the author’s pain after excising this, but not enough that a sequel isn’t an option. This is a beautiful, haunting examination of two Harveys. And it is the work of a master artist."

~A.J. Llewellyn, Dark Diva Reviews

Lola Dances

Lola Dances

Paperback, MLR Press; March 2008

"The author is a master storyteller and he should be, having published more than 150 novels. Thomas L. Long, editor of the Harrington Gay Men's Literary Quarterly, has called him "the godfather of modern gay popular fiction" (Banis' Wikipedia entry). Old timers may remember his popular C.A.M.P. series of mystery novels from 1966-1968; the first of what became a major subgenre. He stopped writing after 1980, but luckily for us he has now resumed. His recent novel Longhorns, another Western romance (Carroll & Graf 2007) includes an essay by Michael Bronski charting his decades of literary contributions.

Lola is transgendered, beginning life as a small effeminate boy in the slums of New York's Lower East Side. After he is raped by a high society aristocrat, he and his older brother escape to the mining camps of the West. There he begins to dance as a woman and ends up famous in San Francisco where he stumbles upon his first love from the Lower East Side. For the rest, read the novel!"

~James D. Anderson, GLBT-RT

"Terry Murphy knew his dream of being a dancer was out of place for a boy growing up in the slums of the Bowery. And for a boy of his physique, pretty and very effeminate, he was an easy target for teasing, ridicule and predators of all kinds. Raped by a man of money and means, then forced to flee the Bowery with his brother, Terry's life moved further away from his dream of being a dancer and more into a life he didn't want or deserve, until the day opportunity presented himself and Lola Valdez was born."

~Ley, Joyfully Reviewed

"Lola Dances is a sultry saga that takes you on a journey of dark secrets, murder and the forbidden. With each encounter Terry has, the actions shape the persona that he becomes. The cast of characters, Martin Van Arndst, the rapist, Brian, brother and scoundrel, Joshua, self absorbed secret lover and Tom, who truly loves Terry, all play a major part in Terry’s way of life. Victor J Banis weaves a complex story with some tantalizing surprises; Terry’s loneliness gives a tug to your heartstrings, and a feeling of indignation for his loss of innocence Lola Dances is a most intriguing odyssey."

~Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

Spine Intact, Some CreasesSpine Intact, Some Creases

Available in Hardcover and Softcover, Borgo Press; February 20, 2008

Life & Other Passing MomentsLife & Other Passing Moments

Paperback, Borgo Press; January 10, 2008

Drag Thing, or, The Strange case of Jackle and Hyde

Paperback, Wildside Press; January 10, 2008



Paperback, Carroll & Graf; June 22, 2007

"One of my guilty pleasures is to collect Western pulp fiction paperbacks with homoerotic book covers, along with the campy gay pulp fiction as well. Rarely do the two genres meet; the Westerns never have gay characters, and the early gay pulps often fail in authenticity, with few exceptions.

One author who straddles both genres is Victor J. Banis, whose novel Longhorns will please fans of gay and western fiction. As one of the last products of the sadly defunct Carroll & Graf gay fiction wing, Banis' latest book gently blends elements of a standard romance, erotica, and traditional Western pulp fiction. It's like Brokeback Mountain without so much angst.


It's not surprising, considering that Banis, finally writing under his own name these days, is the author of more than 100 gay pulp erotic books spanning several decades.

In his engaging introduction to Longhorns , scholar and author Michael Bronski recounts his hunt for — and discovery of — one of the most prolific pre-Stonewall authors, who wrote under dozens of noms de plume, and was called "the godfather of modern popular gay fiction" by one editor.


Yet, for all this impressive back story, Banis' tale of drawn-out desire between Les, a stalwart ranch boss, and Buck, a randy half-Indian cowpoke with a warmth and sexual assuredness, is uncommon in most historic gay fiction (with the exception of the classic Song of the Loon trilogy).

Set in late 19th-century Texas, Longhorns has its share of Western cliché s, most of which are dealt with in a polished style that doesn't seem cliché . There are the joking ranchhands at the Double H Ranch who grow to tolerate and even enjoy Buck's sexual prowess, particularly after he proves himself adept at ridin', ropin', ranchin' and a few other skills. A trio of resentful neighboring farmer brothers proves a nasty problem, and a few minor tragedies ensue. But overall, Longhorns is a feel-good kind of book that never pretends to be high literature, but avoids the pitfalls of the lesser works in the genre.


Characters are hewn with depth. Buck's way of charming himself into the hearts — and pants — of anyone he fancies comes to an abrupt halt with his true desire, the strictly macho Les, who balks at Buck's blunt advances. That only makes Buck try harder.

Les is more than a cowboy, and despite his initial disdain for Buck's advances, proves himself smart and forward-thinking (in agriculture, if not sexuality) as the old ways of rural life in America are turning a corner.


Their disagreements, gradual respect and, you guessed it, eventual passion are written in a style that matches the Western fiction I often wished could be so homophilic.

The sex scenes are kept to a minimum when appropriate to plot and character, but the erotic edge pervades throughout. Combined with an astute attention to the details of ranch life, Longhorns makes for good reading over a campfire, or wherever you need some warmth on a cold night."

~Jim Provenzano, The Bay Area Reporter

Come This Way

Paperback, Regal Crest Enterprises, LLC; April 2, 2007

"Victor J. Banis's Come This Way is a unique collection spanning nearly a half century of a prodigious literary outpouring that includes 150 published books and scores of shorter works. It's unique as well in the breadth and variety of the material presented, ranging from the mysticism of "The Emerald Mountain" (a metaphysical gay mystery, which may be an entirely new genre) to the pathos of "The Girls"; from the gothic horror of "In Passing" to the whimsy of "An Apple a Day"; from the humor of "The Story of God as History's First Trannie" (a satirical look at ancient Goddess worship) to a chilling glimpse of a future world ruled by religiously hypocrisy in "Jesus Days," an excerpt from the novel Angel Land, to be published in 2008 by Regal Crest. Gay and lesbian love, young and old love, innocent and ribald love, and love won, lost, and sought for in vain. "It doesn't matter what the question is, Alex, the answer is always love."

Like his contemporaries, Ann Bannon and Marijane Meaker, many of Victor's early novels features lesbian themes. "The Countess Arrives" is from his first published novel, The Affairs of Gloria (1964), in which lesbian romance occasioned a landmark federal obscenity trial resulting in greater, not fewer, opportunities for gay and lesbian writers. The author's courage then - and now - has made him a cult icon in GLBT publishing circles.

Victor J. Banis has been hailed as "a national treasure," "an American hero," "one of the Grand Old Men of gay writing," and the "Godfather of modern gay popular fiction." What is readily apparent on reading this collection is that he is a master storyteller, still at the top of his game."

~Lori L. Lake


Kenny's Back

Kenny's Back

(Previously published in 1968 as "Homo Farm.")
Paperback, Borgo Press; March 5, 2007

"Glad to have this writer's works back in print. This gay romance may be written almost 40 years ago but its plot is most refreshing. Banis' writing style is engaging and Mar's narration, at times bleak as we feel his loss and regrets, pulls you right in.

"Is Kenny really Kenny?", this has me glued to the pages as the intriguing drama enfolds around this interesting set of quite ordinay people."

~R. Parklane

Goodbye My Lover

Goodbye My Lover

(Previously published in 1966.)
Paperback, Borgo Press; March 7, 2007

The Greek Boy

The Greek Boy

(Previously published in 1968 as "Brandon's Boy.")
Paperback, Wildside Press; March 5, 2007

The Why Not

The Why Not

(Previously published in 1966.)
Paperback, Borgo Press; February 10, 2007

The Gay Hunt

The Gay Haunt

(Previously published in 1970.)
Paperback, Borgo Press; March 5, 2007

The Sword and the Rose

Paperback, Pyramid Books; 1975

Stranger at the Door

(Previously published in 1967.)
Paperback, Borgo Press; May 16, 2007


The Man From C.A.M.P.

That Man from C.A.M.P: Rebel Without a Pause

Paperback (Reissue), MLR Press; August 7, 2008

This collection includes The Man from C.A.M.P., Holiday Gay, and The Son Goes Down plus an interview with the author by Fabio Cleto.

That Man from C.A.M.P: Rebel Without a Pause

That Man from C.A.M.P: Rebel Without a Pause

Paperback, Southern Tier Editions; March 2004
(Includes The Man from C.A.M.P., Holiday Gay, and The Son Goes Down)

"WITTY, CLEVER, SUBVERSIVE, AND SEXY, they are a piece of American gay history that shouldn't be allowed to fade away."
~Greg Herren

Writing under a series of noms de plume, Victor J. Banis played a primary role in creating a new genre: gay pulp fiction. Southern Tier Editions and Fabio Cleto, one of the true authorities on the camp phenomenon, are proud to bring back three tongue-in-cheek novellas—and a revealing interview with the author—together in one volume. These fast-paced stories, written and set in the swinging sixties and unavailable for over three decades, will introduce a new generation of readers to the fabulous adventures of gay superspy Jackie Holmes, the Man from C.A.M.P. Armed with a cache of secret weapons, a body that just won’t quit, and a white poodle called Sophie who’s trained to kill with her razor-sharp teeth, the blonde bombshell with a license to thrill known as Jackie Holmes will blow you away!

Tales from C.A.M.P.: Jackie's Back!

Tales from C.A.M.P.: Jackie's Back!

Paperback Re-Release, GLB Publishers; January 28, 2006

The Gay Dogs: The Further Adventures of That Man From Camp

The Gay Dogs: The Further Adventures of That Man From C.A.M.P.

(Previously published in 1967.)
Paperback Re-Release, Borgo Press; March 20, 2007

Color Him Gay: The Further Adventures of The Man from C.A.M.P.

Color Him Gay: The Further Adventures of The Man from C.A.M.P.

(Previously published in 1966.)
Paperback Re-Release, Borgo Press; March 5, 2007




"The Final Curtain", Paperback and e-book, MLR Press

Esprit de Corps

Esprit de Corps

Paperback, MLR Press; October 19, 2009

The Golden Age of Gay Fiction

The Golden Age of Gay Fiction

Paperback, e-book, MLR Press; October, 2009

To Die For

To Die For

Paperback, Kindle Edition, MLR Press; September 12, 2009

Homosex - Sixty Years of Gay Erotica

HARD Working Men

Paperback, MLR Press; July 15, 2008

Homosex - Sixty Years of Gay Erotica

Wilde Stories - The best of the Year's Gay Speculative Fiction
by Steve Berman (Editor)

Paperback, Lethe Press; June 13, 2008

Homosex - Sixty Years of Gay Erotica

Chilling Tales of Terror and The Supernatural
by Patty G. Henderson (Editor)

Paperback, P.D. Publishing, Inc.; May 29th, 2008

Homosex - Sixty Years of Gay Erotica

Homosex - Sixty Years of Gay Erotica
by Simon Sheppard

Paperback, Carroll & Graf/Running Press; July 1, 2007

Best Gay Romance 2008

Best Gay Romance 2008
by Richard Labonte

Paperback, Cleis Press; November 28, 2007

The Tijuana Bible Reader

The Tijuana Bible Reader

Paperback Re-Release, Wildside Press; June 1, 2007

The Second Tijuana Bible Reader

The Second Tijuana Bible Reader

Paperback Re-Release, Wildside Press; June 1, 2007

Charmed Lives: Gay Spirit in Storytelling

Charmed Lives: Gay Spirit in Storytelling

Paperback, White Crane Books; November 28, 2007

Love, Castro Street: Reflections of San Francisco

Love, Castro Street: Reflections of San Francisco

Paperback, Alyson Books; May 2007

The Pot Thickens: Recipes from Writers

The Pot Thickens: Recipes from Writers

Paperback, Wildside Press; December 3, 2007