April 2, 2007


Regal Crest is happy to announce the pending publication of "Angel Land" by Victor J. Banis, author of over 150 published books.

Late in the 21st Century—ravaged by the deadly Sept virus, the one time United States has disintegrated into The Fundamental Christian Territories, where Catholics, Baptists and Jews are registered as heretics, and gays are herded into walled ghettos: the Zones of Perversion.

Harvey Milk Walton, a runner, finds his way to the ghetto in Angel Land, oldest of the territories, where a legend says that his long ago martyred namesake will return one day to lead his people to freedom—but even to speak of freedom, of leaving the FTC, is punishable by death.

In a crumbling totalitarian society, where evil masquerades as piety, two men fall in love, and begin to dream of escape from Angel Land.

Victor says about this new project, "Just as a parent may love all her children, but still have a favorite, so some books are special to their authors. From the first germ of the idea through the very last word I typed, Angel Land has had significant resonance for me on multiple levels—intellectual, emotional and spiritual—as an indictment of the political ascendancy of the radical religious right in our society today and what that might bode for our future freedom. It is, I think, a chilling novel but I hope, at the same time, an optimistic one. I am a great believer in humankind's ability to mess things up, but I continue to believe as well that ultimately we get it right. It just takes some doing. This is, really, a story about people doing. I am particular happy to have this novel published by Regal Crest, whose line of prize winning titles continues to offer a quality all too rare in today's LGBT publishing world, and all the more so because Angel Land is not what could be considered a 'safe' novel."

"Angel Land" will be released in the Quest line, with a tentative date of July 10, 2008. Visit Regal Crest at www.regalcrest.biz.